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WebKIC is a web application for learning kanji and generating quizzes. It is based on Kanji in Context (revised ed.), a book published by the IUC to help students master the 2,136 “kanji for regular use” (jōyō kanji). IUC students and alumni are free to use WebKIC online.
Operating Environment
WebKIC runs on web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge (but not Internet Explorer), and is compatible with computers, smartphones, and tablets.
Reference Mode
Allows you to view the contents of Kanji in Context (revised ed.) one lesson at a time (see above figure). Click on a kanji or vocabulary item to see words or phrases that include it. You can also search for kanji by their reading(s) or radical.
Flash Cards
Clock and tap on a card to check your memory of a vocabulary item. Press the “play” button to hear the word pronounced.
Review Quizzes
Batch-check your knowledge in handy tabular form.
Generate Paper Tests
Outputs printable quizzes on vocabulary items in specified lessons.

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